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Jibu brings together key stakeholders such as Subject Mater Experts, Trainers, Regulators, Ministries of Health, Content Creators, Health Workers, Technology Personnel, Training institutions to create a rich platform for digital learning in the region.

Curicullum Digitization

Within the ecosystem, we work with Content creators, regulators and curriculum experts to develop, script and convert learning material to digital format for cross-platform use.
We also work with relevant regulators within the region to ensure accreditation to published work.

Learning Platform

Our Mobile and web learning platform offers great feature to enable collaborative learning as well as synchronous and asynchronous learning.
With continuous learning and user engagement, our platform evolves in a user cantered approach to ensure new improved technology and seamless user experience.

Some Of Our Partnerships

We recognize the efforts put in by all our partners in curriculum development, content creation, accreditation and learning deployment among others and welcome every other entity with digital learning needs and ideas we can incubate. 

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